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iPhone Screen can be done while you wait within 30 Mintutes with 1 Year warranty !!


Why We Are the Best in Repairing iPhone 7 Display Repairs

It is very painful to purchase a new iPhone 7 only for its display to crack or get damaged accidentally. This is because it is still a new design and you have only used it for a short time. Losing the phone will be more costly. However, that cannot happen if you get quality repairs. Our key interest is preventing our clients from losses due to phone damages. Below are the reasons why our display repairs are the finest.

Affordable screen

The display of an iPhone is vulnerable to cracks and damages. The only solution for the damage is replacing the screen. The repairs will be costly if the replacement screens are expensive. We try to save our clients from spending more on screen replacement. We source for affordable screens. This reduces the cost of fixing the iPhone 7 cracked screen.


Trusting iPhone repair stores is a huge problem for most people. The clients are not guaranteed of getting quality repairs from these shops. We are an independent store offering iPhone repairs yet our services are great. Our technicians are experienced in fixing the iPhones. For years, they have tackled several iPhone malfunctions. They can easily deliver quality repairs.

Tests after repairs

Our success is based on ensuring that all our clients obtain quality repairs. For this reason, we test the phones after the repair. A slight error during the reparation process might cause a slight malfunction. The test ensures that the phone will function properly. This has reduced the number of complaints from customers receiving iPhone 7 cracked screen repair.

Complex repairs

Some iPhone damages might seem impossible to repair. However, the skills and expertise of technicians determine if the repairs can be done successfully. We thrive in dealing with complex damages. Our technicians undergo rigorous training for handling sensitive and complex repairs. This is a major reason why our services are reputable. Hence, do not dispose that damaged phone yet. Bring it to us to restore it.

Insured repairs

We are aware that our technicians can make mistakes while doing iPhone 7 display repair. Some errors can destroy the phone completely. We do not allow our clients to carry the burden for the mistake or negligence of our employees. We have insured the phones just in case the technicians damage them. Our shop will take full responsibility for the damages.

We have policies that guide us in providing the insurance cover.

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