iPhone Screen can be done while you wait within 30 Mintutes with 1 Year warranty !!


Enjoy our amazing delivery pickup and delivery services

Getting a trusted independent shop that mends the iPhone is never easy. This forces most of the iPhone users to search for better technicians in other regions. We are aware that we do not serve the people in our locality only. We target people from other regions in need of good repairs. We offer pickup and delivery service to all clients. Listed are factors that make our delivery services remarkable.


After completing the iPhone 6 display repair, we immediately focus on delivering it back to the owner. We are aware properties can be lost during shipping. Hence, we cover any loopholes that might culminate in loss of the phone. We confirm the address where the phone is to be delivered to avoid mistakes. We later confirm if the client received the phone. We cater for any losses.

Proper handling

Our workers in charge of pickup and delivery know the iPhone is a very delicate gadget. Thus, they ought to be very careful when handling it when shipping it. The employees in the shipping department are trained on how to carry the phone. In case of negligence or errors that might destroy the phone, the company will pay for it. Before accepting the phone, clients are admonished to check its condition first.

Cost effective

We charge for the transportation of the phone both in picking and delivering it. The cheap iPad screen repair costs are separate from the shipping costs. It is good to seek clarification from our experts before acquiring the shipping costs. The shipping charges differ depending on the distance the phone is to be picked and delivered. Our transport costs range between 20 dollars and 30 dollars.

Timely delivery

Our employees never delay the shipping of the phones. Immediately after the repairs, arrangements are made for quick transportation. We desire that our clients should resume using their iPhones within a short span of time. It is part of our various strategies for impressing clients. We know the frustrations caused by delays in delivery or pickup. We try as much as possible to avoid such disappointments.

Pick up time

We provide convenient times for the clients that need iPhone screen repair services. Our clients are responsible for choosing the perfect pickup time for them. We commit to ensuring that the phones will be picked at that exact time the distance notwithstanding. We never wish to interfere with the schedule of our prospective clients by causing delays.

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